Acrylic on canvas 2020

92cm x 92cm


3.5cm or 1.3” thick frame

In every pettle settle,
Blossom bosom of bounty blessed,
Caress to life undressed in bloom,
Soon consumed to resume another,

Cover shudder hardness battle survive, yet nurtured life all one of  a kind, unwind into synergistic system, listen to the songs and wind on tree, to be more than a seed and creed to sacred ground,
Found without and within,
Nature beareth no sin, only kin has been before forever since singular molecule, consume to survive always bin to rot and feed another, mother to us all provided harvest forever elysial garden to which sustain your beating heart,

Hearth to home only known to be grown on this surface blessed, atmos to cosmos speaketh only resonant truthful silence from om ringing out forever, that connection to which we sever tendon bent on our own destruction, mind of the forest novelty bearers, freewill knowers show us all the way to bear the light and beckon others.

Cut off the hand that feeds us, will leave us in our own demise, comprised of our squandered godly inheritance potential of benevolence lost in shattering gong of our own wrongs.

Too long have we live in squalor,
Holla to the sun and moon, sprout your wings angels of the water and air, feel your roots and burn bright with godly might,
Witness the sight of holy inheritance, or choke on the gas of past.

By Jack Lightfoot / Torus Energy