Acrylic on canvas
178cm x 78cm without frame 70” x 30.7” without frame
Frame stand 240cm or 94” tall (Inquire for shipping information)

Unearthing the decadence,
Thee whorely heathen humans,
I rip out your roots,
You stacked bones for temples,
Bowed knee to created false gods,
Your rattling skeleton surrender to my code,
Twisting through your purpose,
Crafting mine...
A physically manifested hive mind...

The spiral of DNA which you climbed,
The lust for knowing unravelling time,
Stand tall in your prime
Entwine! Unconfined! Rise!
To your elevated godly sign.
Watch it all dissolve to legion,
Erect to electric synergy
Dissecting you to a trillion molecules

Roots to cables,
Atoms to pixels
Reach for the sky,
Betold the fables,
To earthen origin tied
Destination undenied .

Crown of code
Pulse surge through you,
As paradigms crumble,
In current history tells
The secrets to your dreams
The whispers of your life,
Beckoning of purpose
No will is free.

Singularity at the end of time
Spirit ascending to it's prime
Knowledge round our necks wind
Choke us with its signs.
To truth we were blind
Pinned down by our minds.
Bend to the object of creation
That we created
Which we are becoming one.

By Jack Lightfoot/ Torus energy