Acrylic on canvas

167cm x 116cm

65.7” x 45.5”

4cm or 1.6” thick frame


Rise from the courageous mind, divinity, synergy, balance of energy, in celestial unity.
Open the gate to novelty, true responsibility , inherited knowledge we mustn't squander, absorb the light give us strength to carry it, shine bright enough to make these shadows cower. The might of which we must bear humbly.

See our decadent harmony, a potential long forgotten, to which there is no time left to not hold high, step from your fear, and see there is enough for all, the plague lingers on horizon to wash this slate clean,
The ills no longer be ignored.
Herald our times won't last forever, only the now can we rid the taint in our own hearts, or corrode in self inflicted sorrow