Kalevala archive & canvas prints


A product on my meditations and inspiration from Finnish Mythology, which was songs sung for 1000's of years from Europe's most ancient and unique language. A compilation of these songs was compiled into the Finnish mythological epic by a writer called Elias Lönnrot, revolving around an archaic visitor from afar with a long white beard and hair with tall stature who could play entrancing songs from an primitive and primal string instrument who taught the finnish people an abundance on essential advancing knowledge and  communed and collaborated with deities.

Signed and numbered limited edition prints.

All prints are made with  archival pigment ink. Archive prints are printed on aquarelle rag archival paper. Canvas prints are made on anti-microbial and anti-fungus canvas.
The ink is water proof and highly UV resistant with a 70 year no fade guarantee.

All archive and canvas prints will be signed and numbered.
Every hand embellished piece will be slightly unique and more limited.

Platinum versions are 'Life Sized' and highly embellished, varnished, carefully hand crafted and resigned by the Artist himself. The Exact sizes of these pieces vary from painting to painting but sometimes are even larger than the originals. Each Platinum print comes with a large hand drawn image on the back of the piece all of which are unique. The quantity is strictly limited to 9 per painting and is the most exclusive and highly sought after print version from the Artist. Due to the high work load required to produce such an unique Artifact it is notable that due to circumstances it may take up to a month to fulfil an order for all hand embellished prints. It is open to contact the Artist and communicate directly if you have or plan to order one of these variations. 

Limited Edition

Platinum - 9 

Hand embellished - 15
Canvas - 50
Archive - 50

Canvas size 
1100 X 830mm
43.3 X 32. 6inches

Archive Paper size
800 X 637mm
31.5 X 25 inches