Acrylic on canvas 2018
147cm x 98cm 48” x 38.5”


Unto thee, thy hands of destiny,
Sentience within novelty, revelry and heresy,
Elysium or damnation, breathing through it all angels  or demons, paladins with light in our hearts to shine bright the darkest darks,
To acknowledge our abyssal marks,
Reflection of a satyr to burn the forest down,
tied up to silhouette to make slices of tree to bank, to determine a beings rank,
A soul that we've watched sank.
Slanted slopes all leading to the maw,
Claw your way from the pit to take your second chance, no longer a passive observer to your greatest gift,
To stand forth and take  free will, lying in your choice you never chose.

Now... We choose,
Guardians of earthly heaven or harbingers of noxious fire,
Sent from above or born of chance,
Fruit of the earth,
Mind of the forest,
Fallen into the godliest of tests,
To become gods.

By Jack Lightfoot/ Torus Energy